Genius Hour Project #2


This Genius Hour Project I focused it on Dreams. I chose this specific topic because i have always been really interested  in what dreams mean, and why we dream. This topic just really stood out to me and i found it extremely interesting to write and research. Throughout this project i learned a lot about dreaming. I learned how for a part of the night our muscles are paralyzed, that dreams don’t always mean something, and that you cannot make up a face in your sleep.  This originally helped me grow a a person in the way where i just learned something completely new. Along with now not having to worry about any dreams I’ve had in the past meaning anything bad. The only ways to study dreams are to ask the dreamer, so it was a challenge for me to study about dreams without asking dreamers. A major thing that i improved on in this genius hour project was my presentation. I did  not use many words on the actual slides and overall it was more interesting. I feel like this was more of a subject that i found really interesting, but in some ways it helped people know what they think about and what happens when their eyes are shut and their bodies turn off. What i learned and what i taught is just basic knowledge that people should know about their sleep. Dreams are part of everyone’s life including animals, and as we are humans we love to know and learn about everything that happens, so this knowledge helped in that department.

Link to my presentation

Dreaming Elizabeth - Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Andrey, Timofeev. Dreaming Elizabeth. Photograph. Flickr. Flickr. Feb 22, 2013. Jan 5, 2016.


Social Media Within Today’s Society

The base of this generation is Social Media. It was the welcoming generation to the social networks and a new life based on the internet. The changing society and perspectives of the people due to media have impacted many aspects of life such as culture, gender, the economy, and me. Social media is redefining everything we do from the way we connect to family and friends, how brands and celebrities capture attention, to the way businesses and journalism function.

One of the main things in life that has changed due to social media has been culture. This is now a part of our daily lives as teenagers. We have even been able to apply it to school use for example, edublogs, gmail, and even twitter. Changing the culture that we live in day by day due to the connections we have made around us. We are able to connect to anyone around us at any time, also find out anything we would like to know in a matter of seconds. This has also improved our ability to learn things and the knowledge we carry in our pockets. As well as all of this people have become more confident, and can say what they feel because they sit behind a screen. All of these aspects have changed our culture and modernized it to an extent.

Secondly, media has had a huge impact on genders throughout the years. Since social medias came to be, women’s right’s have improved as well. Women have more of a voice in Media than on real life. All throughout the medias women around the world have stood up for the equality of sexes. This includes, videos, stories, statuses, pictures etc. all of these have helped the world see how gender inequality is still alive and needs to be stopped. Furthermore in media there is no laws restricting women or men from anything. Yet the world of social media is so immense that both men and women have been exposed in so many different ways and have had negative and positive effects within gender equality and society.

Thirdly, the economy has been driven by social medias for a couple of years. One of the main things Social Medias do is advertise different businesses. With advertisement the businesses grow which means higher economy for many of the different companies and people. The internet over all has helped economy reach a peak that it has never before. Social medias add on to that because more people find out about new things that they didn’t even know existed and this bring more costumers or users into the companies. Overall the economy has been driven by social medias in a positive direction for many years.

Finally, not only has social media impacted all of these aspects, social media has also impacted individuals such as myself. Being a third culture kid and moving around the world every 3 years, and traveling a lot social medias keep me connected to everyone. I have kept in touch with friends since the 1st grade due to the social media. To me that is one of it’s biggest importance and what it has brought to the table. It has also taught me to keep safe from publishing too much or being exposed, along with being able to give me infinite knowledge in just one search. Or even connect with a person thousands of miles away from me in the push of a button. This all has shown me the positive effect that the different social media’s have had in our life and has made it easier in so many different ways. Yes our world has been changed and maybe not everyone may agree with me on this one but in my opinion it has made it better and more interesting. There are people who might be glued to their phones, computers, or iPads due to social medias, but if people use it wisely it can be an incredible source of knowledge, connections, and others.

Where are you from?

“Where are you from?” is the question that takes me forever to answer. Third culture kids have this issue all the time. some hate it when that question even comes up, because they don’t know how to answer. Moving around the world is the base of my life, i usually do not stay in the same place for more than 3 years. Transitioning from school to school, packing and leaving whenever it is convenient, you learn to not get attached to things, and each time it gets easier. Yet all of third culture kids are most likely to not know where they belong. Another thing that we third culture kids will struggle with is our future, because for us it is not normal to settle in one place for a long time. We will move around for our whole life, or if we settle down then we will travel endlessly because that’s how we grew up and how we were raised.




La Paz. Bolivia.La Paz. Puesta de sol desde el mirador de Killi Killi - Flickr - Photo Sharing!Dominican Republic StreetsDR

Where i’ve lived:

  • La Paz, Bolivia
  • Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  • Colombia
  • Dominican Republic
  • Rwanda
  • Senegal

“Where am i from…?”  The way i usually answer this question is usually “It’s a long story…” or “I was born in Bolivia, but i have a lot of German and European roots, and i consider the Dominican Republic my home. ” This answer has changed a lot through the years as i came to know who i was. If i’m being honest yes i was raised with both German and Latin culture but for me i’m a walking, breathing, proud LATINA.

This article shows more information. click here


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Tweeting for School Use

Genius Hour project has been a big thing in our Digital citizen class this year. Different topics have been presented in our class and for this new Genius Hour project I decided my topic was going to be “DREAMS” and everything they mean and the science behind them. Most of these people are Cognitive Psychologists, science professors, and even sleeping blogs. All of these relate to sleeping and dreaming, i went on twitter and decided to ask them a couple of questions to see if they could help me out with my project. I asked if they had any specific sources or information they could provide me with that have to do with dreaming. Along with asking specific questions like what do nightmares mean, and how many hours per night does the average person spend dreaming. All of this information helped me come up with ideas and gave me valid resources to do my research with and form my presentation.

Twitter accounts i twitted out to:

Sadly the only response i got was from @dsquintana. He gave me two (1, 2)  very valid websites and articles that talk about dreams and sleeping. None of them followed me back or re tweeted me, which made this a harder challenge yet the websites that i received were perfect for my research. This process helped a lot and i noticed how useful twitter and other social medias for school. They give you more broad information that is being communicated by professionals, or experts. This makes researching a lot easier and more valid for school. By the end i finished my Genius Hour project and my 2 main sources were the websites @dsquintana gave me. We just have to wait and see how my presentation goes.


Salteñas, Creation and Eating….

In the Latin Culture food is one of the main things that people look at. It is one of the main reason people love Latin America. With the rare creations and spices added on to them it melts your mouth as you eat each meal. I’m Bolivian, and one of the main foods in my country are called Salteñas. You don’t eat them for meals you eat them in the middle of the morning as a small brunch more like a snack. Salteñas are savory pastries filled with beef, chicken or pork, mixed together with a sweet yet spicy sauce, most times with peas, eggs, olives, raisins, potatoes and other ingredients. They are juicy like a stew inside a pastry. You get the juiciness by making a stew out of all the ingredients then adding gelatin, so that the stew hardens in the fridge and when it gets baked it slowly melts. This makes the dough not get soggy even while it is extremely juicy inside. They look like empanadas due to the football like outside… These Salteñas are extremely difficult to ear if you don’t know how. The best way to eat them is to hold them upright and bite from top to bottom, so that non of the spicy juices spill.

Salteñas from Paceña la Salteña

Boots in The Oven. “Salteñas from Paceña la Salteña.” Photograph. Flickr. Flickr. 7 Jun. 2011. 4 Nov. 2015.


3/365 Salteña from Rollie's in Tustin 

holapenguin. “Salteña from Rollie’s in Tustin.” Photograph. Flickr. Flickr. 29 Jan, 2009. 4 Nov, 2015.





Genius Hour Self Evaluation

My genius hour project was based on something i love…. Being a tourist. Tourists in New York, and the key facts to be one. One huge thing that i learnt from this genius hour is the huge amount of diversity in cultures there are in New York. This builds up the culture and the state on it’s own and allows people to be even more interested in visiting. Based on your effort and learning, i would give myself a high B. This is because it was a different sort of topic compared to what the rest of the class did and it was a challenge for me to figure how to give a presentation within the category. What i shared with the class helped others in but not much, it was more for myself to learn about something i was craving to learn. For my next Genius i would probably choose a more world related topic, and for my presentation have more images and less words, this shows great presentation skills.  Some topics i would be interested in working on is, some type of baking, learning about psychology, or a sport. I truly enjoyed genius hour and i am looking forward to do it again. 

Genius Hour presentation:

Sudamericana y Me Encanta

Empecé a hablar Inglés hace un par de años atrás y era muy difícil para mi. Me estaba mudando me a África y la única lengua que hablaban en Rwanda era Inglés . Esto me hizo tener que aprender más rápido en masomenos un año. Tomé tantas clases y tutorías privadas pero todavía hablaba como una verdadera Latina, Con el acento que es estereotipo de cada latino. Nunca he tenido un problema con los idiomas o cultura porque yo soy sudamericana y orgullosamente. Sin embargo, siendo una tercer niña cultural nunca se donde verdad mente es mi hogar, o qué idioma debo estar hablando día a día .Pero si, siempre e estado unida a mis raíces latinas. A Partir de eso mi familia es de todas partes, Republica Dominicana, Alemania, Suecia, Bolivia, y mucho más. Esto fue lo que me dejo insegura de donde yo soy. Y mi conclusión es yo soy Latina, puede ser que no sepa exactamente de qué país pero Sudamericana yo soy. Sigo aprendiendo y luchando con differentes lenguas todos los dias pero el espanol es el lenguanje que mas m gusta. Por la gente y a passion que ay atras de cada palabra, no lo podrias entender hasta que lo puedes hablar fluentemente, y siendo Latina no hay mejor cosa que nuestra cultura. 

How to be Successful in School

There are many different things you have to think about and pursue to be successful in school. Specially in High School, work gets harder and it starts to pile on and there comes a point where you are exhausted and can not take it anymore. These are a couple of points you should be focussing on to survive your school years and end the year with exceptional grades.

All of these believe it or not will help you throughout your school years. I have had personal experience with all of them. All of these are huge essentials to be successful in school but in my opinion these are the main ones. Surrounding yourself with positive people gives a more joyful vibe to your day and your life as a whole letting affect your work in a positive way. Then focusing in class, I have learnt that if you focus in class a lot you don’t have to study as much as if you didn’t. You could get by with an average grade without studying if you just pay attention in class. Third of all putting 100% effort in everything you do is extremely significant, for the quality of your actions and work pieces . The one I try to focus a lot on is having a good relationship with my teachers. This can help you throughout all of High School, by having a good relationship with your teachers it helps you stay focused, have connections with them and their teachings, teachers being more understanding about missing work or late assignments. Along with a good environment for learning. Not going along with these ideas can lead you to a bad experience, effects, and issues all due to school. Issues such as stress, excessive work, no sleep, anxiety, nerves, etc. So with this in mind, I hope this gave you an idea of how I am reaching to achieve success in my school life.

Woman studying A+

Koskie, Brandi. “Ace Your Next Test”. Photograph. Webshots. Edu in Review, 8 Aug. 2011. Web. 17 Sept. 2015.

Corleto, Joanna. “Give Me a Second”. Photograph. Webshots. I need to Text Blog Spot, 14 December 2012. Web. 17 Sept. 2015.

September 17th, 2015 at 10:22 p.m.

Past Essential Event

Throughout this whole year there has been a lot of events going on in my life, but the one event that left an impression on me was my eighth grade moving up ceremony. This was a special moment for me because we were sealing the past of middle school and young adults to a new era of adulthood. that was the new start of my high school experience. I  do admit it was not the best day ever, there was technical difficulties, there was people absent and overall it was a huge mess. Yet that day was perfect due to the meaning behind it. The day started with a musical performance from a couple of 7th graders and proceeded on, with each of us saying a whole speech, another music performance and then ended with a big buffet lunch with our class and our families. That is how that important day went but the best part of it all was the meaning behind it.

What is A Blog?

A blog, a personal or non personal website, or web page. It is usually run by one or more people, that can come across in an informative or conversational style. Blogs now a days are used for a different variety of things such as social medias, informative web pages, academic uses, and for many other reasons.

In this class I think we will be using these blogs as a way of communication and informing the web about ourselves in a different type of way. We will also be using them academically to learn more about technology.


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