Genius Hour Self Evaluation

My genius hour project was based on something i love…. Being a tourist. Tourists in New York, and the key facts to be one. One huge thing that i learnt from this genius hour is the huge amount of diversity in cultures there are in New York. This builds up the culture and the state on it’s own and allows people to be even more interested in visiting. Based on your effort and learning, i would give myself a high B. This is because it was a different sort of topic compared to what the rest of the class did and it was a challenge for me to figure how to give a presentation within the category. What i shared with the class helped others in but not much, it was more for myself to learn about something i was craving to learn. For my next Genius i would probably choose a more world related topic, and for my presentation have more images and less words, this shows great presentation skills.  Some topics i would be interested in working on is, some type of baking, learning about psychology, or a sport. I truly enjoyed genius hour and i am looking forward to do it again. 

Genius Hour presentation:

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